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Inderveer Sodhi
Chandni Appadurai, Chandni Appadurai, Chandni Appadurai
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In 2021, a new Marvel superhero is introduced to the world. His name is Jay-Z. He wears a black suit and a mask with the word "Jay-Z" written on it. He has a power of making anyone who touches him fall in love with him. He is sent on a mission to save the world from danger.

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I saw the superhero movie 2021 on my iphoneX. I was so excited when I found out about this movie. It is not just a regular superhero movie, it has a twist. It is about a group of superheroes who are in love with each other. I can't wait to see the movie in theaters in 2021.
I was really excited to see the new superhero movie in 2021. When I heard they were making a new superhero movie, I was so excited to see what they would do! The movie is supposed to be really good and I’ve heard that the acting is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing it in theaters.The new superhero movie really lived up to my expectations and I was not disappointed. The acting is amazing and the story is really unique. I'm looking forward
Superhero movie 2021 was a lot of fun!I thought the movie had a really good plot and a lot of funny moments.There was a scene where Superman was flying and then it turned into a commercial for the movie. I thought that was funny.