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Isidore Bethel
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This drama follows the struggle two families have to cope with the aftermath of a shooting. The mother's struggle to come to terms with grief, loss, and her son's future while the father is trying to protect his daughter from the media frenzy. The film will follow the family through the life of their son.

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acts of love
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I was at a movie theater in January 2019, when I saw an ad for "Acts of Love"I saw the movie on the theater's marquee, and decided to go see it.The film had a really cute plot, and was filmed in a beautiful location.I am excited to see the film again sometime soon.
I love this movie! It is my favorite!This is a great movie for families of all ages. It teaches you how to show love and care to those around you. It is a great reminder and family and friends can watch and learn on how to show love.
I have watched the movie Acts of Love in school with my classmates. It was so touching. It is about a family who is in deep debt and their daughter comes to the rescue. The movie has a happy ending and I really liked it. I would recommend it to anyoneOlivia