big fears little risks

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Azel James
Matty Cardarople, Matty Cardarople, Matty Cardarople
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This documentary is based on the book, "The Scaremongers: How Misinformation about Chemicals, Foods, and Medicine Threatens Public Health" by Hank Campbell. It looks at environmental claims about trace chemicals, foods and medicine that have been made in recent years.

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big fears little risks
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I went to the movie Big Fears, Little Risks with my son and husband. What a fun and exciting movie it was! I would recommend this movie to anyone.Alice
This documentary is a perfect depiction of what life can be like for a middle age man. The documentary depicts the struggles of an average middle age man and how he copes with them. The complexities of the middle age man's life is shown in this documentary and it gives an insight into what it might be like to live in this man's shoes.
Big Fears Little Risks is a documentary about the importance of life and how to enjoy it. It showcases different lifestyles to the viewer, from the living in a commune, to having a child to raising them, and shows how each of these choices can be life-changing. I found the film to be inspiring because it made me think about what I would want for my own life and how I can make it happen.The idea for this documentary came from a TED talk