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Modern Love movie 2021Based on a novel by Joshua Cohen, the film follows Jude, a recent college graduate who has just moved back in with his parents in rural Pennsylvania. The story follows Jude's search for love throughout the course of the year, meeting various women and gradually moving towards understanding himself better.Set in America, the film follows Jude, a recently graduated college kid who moves back home with his parents after graduation. He begins to question his identity and his motivation for living when

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modern love
modern love
modern love
modern love
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"Modern Love" is a touching, funny, and heartbreaking portrayal of the ups and downs of love. It will have you laughing and crying in a single sitting, with a plot that will leave viewers searching for a tissue.I recommend this movie to everyone who loves love stories with a twist.
Modern Love is my favorite movie of all time. The story is so heart-breaking and wonderful that it makes you feel everything you're watching.
I watched Modern Love recently and it really left me feeling empowered and empowered by the film. I felt as though I could now be as vulnerable as someone as they want to be and not be afraid of the pain. The movie was so well done and everyone involved did such an amazing job. It was so easy to see themselves in this movie and I really enjoyed it.