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Tristen Stafford
Cameron Baker, Cameron Baker, Cameron Baker
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A newlywed couple deals with the loss of their loved one in different ways. One wife becomes obsessed with her lost husband while the other begins to struggle to cope.American husband and wife are newlyweds, but struggle to survive in a harsh world. The woman struggles with grief while the husband is consumed by his work. After the woman's obsession leads her to lose herself, she learns how to live again.

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This is the first time I am writing a review for a movie. The last time I watched a movie was in fourth grade. I just wanted to watch the movie with the whole family.I would recommend this movie to my friends, parents, and teachers. This is a perfect movie for kids of all ages.
One year ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had treatment for 6 months, but my condition continued to get worse. My doctor told me that I needed to do more. I did what she said, and was able to get back to work. I found that by watching Pretenders movie 2021 during treatment I was able to fight the side effects of the chemotherapy. The film helped me stay optimistic and motivated.Watching Pretenders movie 2021 helped me fight the side effects
The Pretenders is without a doubt one of the best movies I have ever seen. The plot is funny, exciting, and very well put together. I loved the characters in this movie, they were all so different but had something in common. I love the way the movie ends with it's own twist, which makes it even better.I would highly recommend this movie to any movie lover out there.