Spooky Corridors & Hungry Aliens Movie 2021 Torrent Download

Sebastian MuГ±oz
Jennifer Novak Chun, Jennifer Novak Chun, Jennifer Novak Chun
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Spooky Corridors & Hungry AliensA group of children find a map leading to a treasure hidden deep in a spooky mansion. Their parents warn them not to go but the children ignore them and go anyway. When they arrive, they realize that the map had been a fake and that the treasure had been a trap. They end up trapped in the mansion with some hungry aliens that have been waiting for them.The protagonist, Molly, is a girl who loves adventure and wants

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I watched this movie and it was so scary and so thrilling and so creepy and so weird and so confusing and so all the adjectives you could think of.
I liked this movie because it has a spooky story and lots of action. I was smiling the entire time.-Katie
A great film, the first "haunted house" film I've seen and I loved it!The first time I watched this, I was scared and excited. The actors are amazing, they make you feel like you are actually in the movie, and the story line is perfect. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good scary movie with a little romance thrown in.