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Rachel Burczyk
Thomas Furman, Thomas Furman, Thomas Furman
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An apocalyptic virus has hit the world, and the United States is being overrun by the infected. The President sends one man on a suicide mission to find a vaccine.The man's wife has been killed, so he carries out the mission alone.

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In the year 2021, a deadly virus is released that kills 98% of the world's population. An unusual group of people escapes the apocalypse and takes refuge in a cabin in the woods.On a journey to find a cure for the virus, they come across a group of survivors who have been on the run for over a decade. Together they try to survive and make it out of this world alive.A story about a group of people who fight for survival, and
I saw the Apocalypse Soon Movie in theaters in 2021. I was so excited when it came out, because I love zombies. I was not disappointed. The movie was an awesome, non-stop thrill ride. The actors were really in character, and I laughed in all the right places. The movie had a good plot with twists and turns, and the effects were amazing. I think it would be a really good movie for kids to watch with their parents, because it would be an easy
"Apocalypse Soon" is a great movie because it has a fast pace, much action, and a lot of surprises.