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Dear Hacker movie 2021 is my favorite movie because it has a very intriguing plot line.My favorite character is the protagonist, Kei.Kei is a very down to earth person who approaches life with a positive attitude.I thought the movie was very funny because of the funny moments in the different scenes.
Dear Hacker movie 2021 was a great movie. I love the way it is a future dystopian world with people from the past.My favorite part is when the main character meets his grandmother on the street and she tells him to go to all the museums before they are gone.Once he gets to the museums he has a vision of a future where all history has been destroyed and people have been living in fear.
Dear Hacker is a movie portraying a society where everyone has a hacker. This movie depicts the risks and rewards of hacking.I think this movie can be a great way to get children to start thinking about the consequences of their actions on the rest of the world. It can also help them learn to be more critical thinkers about their actions.