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Deus follows a story of two friends, Christian and Arnaud, who are bestowed with the unusual power to control time. With this power they are able to change the past.Arnaud is a time-traveling priest who returns to his childhood in search of his father. Christian is an Italian soldier fighting in the North African desert during World War II. They are given the powers of time travel by a secret society called The Order, who have been waging a battle

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The movie Deus is a film about a man's journey to find a place in a world that is both familiar and alien. The film is set in a futuristic Earth that has been divided into the four classes: the aristocrats, the workers, the runaways, and the savages. The protagonist, known as Adam, is a savage who has been cast out from his tribe for hunting too many animals and is now living in a large city.What I loved about this movie
Deus is a great movie that I have ever seen. I have never seen a movie so well done before. The actors were phenomenal. They all played their parts very well. The plot was great, there was never a dull moment, and the movie was also very suspenseful. The movie also included plenty of mystery, drama, and even some comedy. We all have to see this movie because it is truly an amazing work of art that should not be missed.
I saw the trailer for Deus movie 2021 and it looked so cool. I can't wait for the first day of the festival.