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I'm So Sorry 2021 is a documentary about the making of the first feature film in the United States to depict a large-scale, over-the-top, fictional, and totally fictionalized recounting of the life and times of Jesus Christ.The film focuses on the actors and crew involved in this monumental endeavor, as well as those who were outside of the industry but still invested in Jesus' story. It also features interviews with scholars and experts on how Jesus would have been
"I'm So Sorry" is a good movie to watch and has a lot of heart and soul put into it. I thought the ending was sad but it ended on a happy note. I would recommend the movie to anyone who likes happy endings.
I found this movie to be a truely touching story that takes a look into the raw emotion that many people experience on a daily basis.I'm So Sorry is a movie about Raymond, a man who feels inadequate because of his struggles with anxiety and depression. He decides to isolate himself from society and develop a unique skill that he can use to provide for himself. When he finds out about an experimental drug that could make him forget his past, Raymond gets in line in hopes of