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Fabio Vallarelli
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The film follows a young man who's trying to make a living helping to construct buildings. He takes his job very seriously and he has a fierce work ethic. He is caught up in a building that is quickly coming down and is trapped under the rubble. The other workers start to panic and he starts to hallucinate and see ghosts. He doesn't know if he's going to make it out alive, but he has this moment where he realizes that his life has meaning and that even in

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I found La segunda ola movie 2021 on Netflix, and I was instantly hooked. I love that it's historical fiction, and that I can watch it with my kids.-Liz
I was really excited to see this movie. I don't usually like movies like this, but the reviews made me want to check it out. I really loved it! It's not your average movie, but it's definitely worth watching.This movie was about two people who're really in love with each other. They're willing to do anything for each other, even if it means putting their own lives on the line. The chemistry between the two actors was amazing, and you
This movie is about the second wave of immigrants entering the United States. It's about how our country, which was built upon immigration, has seen a change in the waves of immigration that are coming into America, and what that means for our society, economy, and culture.This is not your average documentary. It is full of humor and heart. It is a journey through three different countries with three different immigrant groups who all have different histories and cultural values. It gives insight into