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What if your dreams came true?Mia is a normal teenager, struggling to make ends meet with her single mom. She takes on a job as a lifeguard at the local pool, where she meets Will, a popular guy on the swim team. She starts to spend more time with Will, but he's more interested in the swim team than in her. Eventually she gets fed up with his attitude and decides to end their relationship.But when she goes to sleep that night

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Summerland movie 2021 was by far my favorite movie I've ever seen. There's so much to this movie that I really enjoyed. It was full of action, suspense, and romance. It was so amazing. I don't know what it's about, but I know it's a must-see movie.Summerland movie 2021 is a must see movie
I had the amazing opportunity of watching Summerland at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. The movie is about a teenage girl in rural America who makes an unusual friend in an abandoned forest. The two girls bond over art and creativity with the forest giving them the freedom they were lacking, but when their friendship becomes too real, it threatens to take over everything. I found the movie to be moving, inspiring, and beautifully filmed, with a sound score that is just as impressive.-
I went to see Summerland movie 2021 last night, and I really enjoyed it. I loved the cast, and I loved the film's message.The movie was very well-made, and the acting was phenomenal. I felt like I was watching a real-life character come alive on screen. I recommend this film to everyone, not just to horror fans.#SummerlandMovie2021