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A group of strangers is resurrected in order to solve the mystery of why they're here.A group of strangers are awakened from their slumber to find themselves in a place where the sky is red, the trees are dead, and the grass is black. The more they try to figure out what's happening, the stranger things get.The group must band together to solve the mystery of why they're here while staying alive.

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Wayward movie 2021 is a movie I did not know I needed, but after I watched it it became a movie I did not want to live without. The movie makes you cry, laugh, and then laugh again. It is perfect to watch during the summer months because it is an escape from the world that is so busy and stressful. The best part about watching this movie is that it allows you to be the main character for a day and travel wherever you would like to go in your
I really enjoyed watching the movie "Wayward" and I liked all of the actors in it. I think it was a good movie and I recommend it to people who like mystery and horror.Nicole
"I really enjoyed watching this film. It is an interesting look at the future and how society has evolved. The acting is phenomenal and the visuals are amazing."This person saw the movie "Wayward" by David Fincher.