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In 2021, a young woman, her husband, and their young daughter are living in a remote cave in the mountains of Colorado when they are visited by the president-elect. They are told to be ready to evacuate when the president's time in office ends. When the president-elect's term ends, they are forced to escape with their daughter when she is pursued by a group of mercenaries.The film opens at the family's home in Colorado. A small group of armed men

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This film is about a group of people who meet in the year 2021 and discuss the events of an Inauguration Day.This film was not made in 2018 or 2019, but in 2021. Since the year 2021 is not even a decade away, this film is an excellent and fun way to get a glimpse of what may come for Americans in 2021. This film has been made in a unique way that makes it very informative and interesting. This film would be perfect to watch with
"I saw Inaguration Day 2021 today, and I'm really glad I did! It was a really great movie, and I can't wait for the sequel!"-Hannah, Age 12After seeing the first installment of the Inaguration Day series, Hannah can't wait to see the second film and tell her friends.