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In 2021, a new virus is released, quickly killing tens of thousands in the U.S.One man, Will, leaves his family to find a cure.Two years later, he returns home to find they are all dead and the virus is still spreading.He soon runs into another survivor, Angela, who helps him find the virus' source.Angela is immune to the virus and can help him escape the city.

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Infected movie is a movie about a zombie apocalypse. The zombie virus has been present for a while, and it is spreading in the US. People are running out of food, and the military is losing control of the situation. It's soon revealed that a voice in each person's head has been warning them about the virus, and that the military has been torturing people to make them listen to the voice.I find the film to be very frightening, and I was
I went to see the movie Infected last night. I thought it was a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone who loves horror movies. It had a lot of suspense and was very thrilling.
I really enjoyed the movie "Infected", I liked how it showed how people reacted to an imminent zombie apocalypse. I was so scared when the zombies came for the first time, but they were so easy to kill. The acting in this movie was amazing, I really loved the whole cast.