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Phillip Noyce
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In 2021, a meteorite strikes Earth. The meteorite releases a liquid that kills all life in water, setting off a series of events that devastates the human race. In 2035, the world is dominated by a few cities that have been lucky enough to avoid the liquid from the meteorite. The liquid has also mutated some animals to become intelligent and have a thirst for blood.A group of survivors leave one of these cities in search of a new home. They travel

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I LOVED IT!I loved this movie! It was amazing!-Daniel
In 2013, I went to Lakewood movie 2021 with my girlfriend and we had a blast. We laughed from the beginning until the end of the movie. It was a great experience and I recommend it for anyone who loves a good laugh.-Sarah
Movie theaters should be made out of wood because it is a natural material and it's related to nature.The theater I attended was made out of wood and it sounded as if the actors were really into the movie.