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In the future, a new type of plastic has been created that is made from recycled materials. In a world where plastic is no longer an issue, humans have changed the earth to their needs. However, they have created a new problem, a dangerous plague known as the "plastic fever".Widower and single mother Selma and her 16-year-old daughter Rose must find a way to escape the plague and go on the run. They must find a way to

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Perfection is the new film that challenges what it means to be perfect, and how perfection can be achieved. The film follows five different characters, representing different aspects of perfection. When each character's pursuit of perfection is failing them, they must learn to change their views on what it means to be perfect. The film stars some of the most famous actors in the world including Emmy Rossum, Ike Barinholtz, and Matthew Broderick.I love this movie. It
I would recommend this movie because it is about a girl who has to complete a project project to earn her perfect grade.I recommend this movie because it has a similar situation to my own and I am interested in this subject.
I loved the movie Perfection! It was a very high quality film, with a lot to talk about. I think it is a great idea for a movie, and all the actors did a great job!