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Poila April is a short story in which a young woman discovers that she has the power to enter the thoughts and dreams of others.After a traumatic experience, a young woman finds out that she can enter the thoughts and dreams of others.She begins using this power to help people who are tormented by their nightmares and for personal gain, eventually leading to her downfall.The protagonist is faced with the choice of whether or not to go back

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"Poila April is my favorite movie of all time. It's so good, I watched it twice in one day."-A."I love this movie! I watch it every year on my birthday."-B."I love the cinematography and the soundtrack. I also like the characters and the symbolism."-C.
I saw the trailer for Poila April movie 2021 and I really enjoyed it! The story is about a young woman who works as a carer for a family of young children with disabilities. She has always dreamt of having a family of her own, but after losing her husband, she is unsure of what her future will hold. Her life changes when a new friend introduces her to a family of three children who are all born on the same day.Poila April movie is
Poila April is a movie that I would recommend to anyone. It was well made and had all of the qualities that good movies should have. It was well written and the plot was executed flawlessly. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has any interest in movies, drama, or just life in general.Poila April