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Nicola Bussei
GuГЁ Pequeno, GuГЁ Pequeno, GuГЁ Pequeno
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A young man, who is set to become a famous opera singer, is sidelined by a brain tumor.No one knows if he'll survive.During his recovery, he tries to regain his lost voice and discovers a talent for painting and literature.

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I went to go see Stile originale movie 2021 and I loved it. There was a lot of action and the actors did a great job. This is a movie I would recommend to my friends.Maeve
“An amazing experience”I have been to the film festival in the past and it is a magical festival. I was so excited to see a movie about a different culture and a different point of view. I was able to see a movie from France, Italy, and Spain. It was amazing!
I found this film to be highly entertaining. The story was well written and the actors were engaging. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys an entertaining and dramatic watch.